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Release of "Understanding Entrepreneurial Risks & Legal Basics Through Stories: 26 Tales to Avoid Fatal Mistakes" by General Partner Masato Shimodaira on March 13

ON&BOARD proudly announces the release of "Understanding Entrepreneurial Risks & Legal Basics Through Stories: 26 Tales to Avoid Fatal Mistakes" by our General Partner, Masato Shimodaira, on March 13, 2024 (Wednesday). 

The journey by startups to IPO is fraught with risks, including issues like sexual and power harassment, and associations with anti-social elements, which can all significantly hinder an IPO. Until now, there has been no book that succinctly summarizes the risks and preventative measures for entrepreneurs. This publication aims to fill that gap, serving as a new bible for entrepreneurs.

Book Details

Title: Understanding Entrepreneurial Risks & Legal Basics Through Stories: 26 Tales to Avoid Fatal Mistakes

Author: Masato Shimodaira, General Partner of ON&BOARD Co., Ltd.

Publisher: Diamond Inc.

Release Date: March 13, 2024 (Wednesday)

Price: ¥2,860 (tax included)

Pages: 616 pages

Available at: Bookstores nationwide and on Amazon

Main Contents

Founding 1: Types of companies to establish, the significance of corporations, capital, and number of shares

Founding 2: Considerations regarding past employers when founding a company

Founding 3: Shareholder agreements at the time of founding

Founding 4: Initial organizational design, introduction to corporations

Business Model 1: Navigating regulations in building a business model

Business Model 2: Consulting with law firms and lawyers, building a legal department

Contracts 1: Creation, management, and operation of terms of service

Contracts 2: Key points in contract review

Personal Information 1: Meaning of personal information, considerations when acquiring, and management

Personal Information 2: Considerations when utilizing personal information

Intellectual Property 1: Overview of intellectual property

Intellectual Property 2: About patent rights, trademark rights, and design rights

Intellectual Property 3: About copyright

Labor 1: Labor management in seed and early stages (recruitment)

Labor 2: Labor management in middle stages

Labor 3: Labor management in later stages (dismissal, harassment)

Funding 1: Types of financing, procedures, and contracts

Funding 2: Preferred shares

Funding 3: Capital policy and stock options

Funding 4: Fund management and internal control

Growth 1: Legal considerations in marketing and sales

Growth 2: Key points in business partnerships with large corporations

IPO1: Compliance

IPO2: Exclusion of antisocial forces

IPO3: Corporate governance

M&A: M&A strategies, contract execution, and post-completion

Author Profile

Masato Shimodaira

Co-founder and General Partner of the venture capital firm ON&BOARD. Born in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. After working as a lawyer in a law firm, Shimodaira joined LINE Corporation (now LINE Yahoo Japan Corporation), where he worked as an in-house lawyer and developed new businesses in the AI field, before joining Dream Incubator Inc.'s investment division. There, he launched the venture capital firm DIMENSION and has been involved in investing in and supporting startups for many years. He founded ON&BOARD venture capital with partners in 2023. Shimodaira graduated from Hitotsubashi University's Faculty of Law and completed his graduate studies at Keio University Law School.

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